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Case studies

Some successful projects I've worked on.

Additional Work

Check out some of the work I've done in different areas of design, including the Daily UI Challenge that I do for fun.



Hi, I'm Dimple
(Yes, that's my real name!)

A data-driven User Experience Designer with 4+ years of experience. Working closely with engineering, product and business, I lead the UX process of research, design, testing and iteration, ensuring that designs exceed business and customer objectives across all digital platforms. I advocate for user's needs through research, design and implementation, ensuring all output reflects a solid understanding of UX principles and best practices.

I have a strong desire for learning new trends, testing throughout my entire process and solving complex problems that turn into usable products. 

- I was born in Georgia, grew up in Ohio, and lived in DC for 5 years.
- I was named after a Bollywood actress.
- I have a slight addiction to sugar! Yup, that is me inhaling a giant piece of cotton candy in the top right picture.