In addition to my UX skills, I like learning as much as I can about design. Check out some of the work I have done below.

Style Guides

Equal Pay Company

Equal Pay Company is a startup which certifies and markets leading enterprises for equal pay across gender attracting top talent and customers. Working closely with the CEO, a brand style guide was created to help this new company organize their use of color, typography, photos and much more when creating marketing materials.



The Brand team of Proactiv needed help creating assets for Instagram that were consistent but with a fresh and clean look so I created a style guide that they could follow along with creatives that aligned this standard.

IG Style Guide 2.jpg

Graphic Design

Your Success Now (YSN)

YSN is a media startup company catering to the educational industry which focuses on expertise in students, emerging adults, young professionals, small businesses, recruiting and training next generation leaders. With the assistance of the Art Director, several of these graphics were created for the Exploring Your Potential (EYP) program to help students in college plan the next steps in their careers.



Proactiv's creative team receives on-going requests from the Marketing team to create affiliate banners. Below is the one I created for our Pore Cleansing Brush.



NailSnaps is a fashion startup that lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail wraps. Working with the Lead Graphic Designer and CEO, one-sheet hand outs were created for marketing purposes and then turn into a landing pages.


I help clients with their presentation decks by taking a UX approach and turning a plain deck into a visual piece of art. An engaging visual presentation takes a lot of the pressure off the speaker, to deliver something people actually want to listen to.

World Alliance

Exploring Your Potential (EYP)