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Heuristics Evaluation

A Heuristics Evaluation was done to point out usability issues and visual improvements that were needed.


  1. Unnecessary A to Z index
  2. Too much information in the right rail and not a compelling read
  3. Navigation was not easy to use and could not find the content needed
  4. Hero and thumbnail images were not enticing to click on
  5. Overall look of the site is outdated

Contextual Inquiry

We sat down with internal and external members to understand their experience with the website. Majority of users complained about 3 major pain points:

1. Not being able to find the information they need
2. The site looking boring and outdated to the point where they would want to leave
3. Finding a lot of broken elements whether it was links, layout, images, or other

Information Architecture

We facilitated a closed card-sort activity to create a user-friendly navigation.

After this, we noticed outdated and repetitive links that could be removed and then other items that could be properly placed in other sections.


Medium-Fidelity Wireframe

After testing the medium-fidelity wireframe on members, we found several improvements that could have been made:

  1. Combining three rows of a footer into one
  2. Removing the right-hand column and increasing the hero image
  3. Increasing the length of the page
  4. Replacing certain words with icons

Final Mockup

After receiving some visual feedback, many elements were updated for the final wireframe but the professionalism that the society wanted to portray still stayed in tact. I expanded the container of the image to draw in the attention of the member's eye but still kept a clean navigation at the top along with all the important updates right below the header image. I stayed within brand guidelines and tried not to introduce any new elements or features to keep us within budget with our contractor developers.

IDSA Homepage Mockup


After completing the updates to the IA, the project came to a stop. Not only would we need approval from the Board of Directors but the budget was the main issue as to why we couldn't continue with the visual updates.